Alector, Sovereign of Birds
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN011
4,88TL + KDV

If your opponent controls 2 or more face-up monsters of the same Attribute, you can Special Summon t.....

Armory Arm
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN010
51,13TL + KDV

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters Once per turn, you can either: Target 1 monster on the field;.....

Black Garden
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN009
15,63TL + KDV

When a monster(s) is Normal or Special Summoned, except by the effect of "Black Garden": Halve its A.....

Bountiful Artemis
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN017
7,50TL + KDV

Each time a Counter Trap Card resolves, immediately draw 1 card (during the Chain)......

Chain Disappearance
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN002
108,75TL + KDV

When a monster(s) with 1000 or less ATK is Summoned: Banish that monster(s), then your opponent bani.....

Creature Swap
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN015
3,63TL + KDV

Each player chooses 1 monster they control and switches control of those monsters with each other. T.....

Fishborg Blaster
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN004
124,00TL + KDV

If you control a face-up level 3 or lower WATER monster: You can discard 1 card; Special Summon this.....

Fusion Gate
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN012
21,88TL + KDV

While this card is on the field: Either player can Fusion Summon a Fusion Monster without using "Pol.....

Gemini Spark
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN018
4,63TL + KDV

Tribute 1 face-up Level 4 Gemini monster you control to target 1 card on the field; destroy it and d.....

Golem Dragon
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN019
16,13TL + KDV

Your opponent cannot target face-up Dragon-Type monsters for attacks, expect this one......

Kart Kodu: TU06-EN014
3,13TL + KDV

FLIP: Target 2 face-down Spell/Trap Cards on the field; destroy both......

Kinetic Soldier
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN013
3,38TL + KDV

During damage calculation, if this card battles a Warrior-Type monster: This card gains 2000 ATK and.....

Magical Dimension
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN016
7,00TL + KDV

If you control a face-up Spellcaster-Type monster: Target 1 monster you control; Tribute it, then .....

Masked Dragon
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN003
70,25TL + KDV

When this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: You can Special Summon 1 Dragon-Typ.....

Quickdraw Synchron
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN005
145,13TL + KDV

You can send 1 monster from your hand to the Graveyard and Special Summon this card (from your hand).....

Red Dragon Archfiend
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN008
12,50TL + KDV

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters After damage calculation, when this card attacks a Defense Po.....

Kart Kodu: TU06-EN001
98,50TL + KDV

When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: Add 1 monster with 1500 or less ATK from you.....

Stardust Dragon
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN007
63,13TL + KDV

1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters When a Spell, Trap, Spell/Trap effect, or Effect Monster's ef.....

Transforming Sphere
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN020
3,25TL + KDV

Once per turn: You can target 1 face-up Defense Position monster your opponent controls; discard 1 c.....

Zombie Master
Kart Kodu: TU06-EN006
13,38TL + KDV

Once per turn: You can send 1 Monster Card from your hand to the Graveyard, then target 1 Level 4 or.....

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