Banner of Courage
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN025
5,10TL + KDV

During your Battle Phase, all monsters you control gain 200 ATK......

Brain Control
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN030
6,30TL + KDV

Pay 800 Life Points. Select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. Take control of it until the E.....

Chiron the Mage
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN015
4,95TL + KDV

Once per turn, you can discard 1 Spell Card from your hand to destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card your oppo.....

Compulsory Evacuation Device
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN037
5,10TL + KDV

Return 1 monster on the field to its owner's hand......

Cyber-Tech Alligator
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN001
9,00TL + KDV

Originally a pterodactyl, he was viciously attacked by a dragon. Using the newest technologies, his .....

Cybernetic Cyclopean
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN020
6,90TL + KDV

While you have no cards in your hand, this card gains 1000 ATK......

Dark Blade
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN003
6,75TL + KDV

They say he is a dragon manipulating warrior from the dark world. His attack is tremendous, using hi.....

Draining Shield
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN038
19,20TL + KDV

Negate the attack of 1 of your opponent's monsters and gain Life Points equal its monster's ATK......

Dust Tornado
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN033
5,85TL + KDV

Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card your opponent controls. You can then Set 1 Spell or Trap Card from your.....

Elemental HERO Avian
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN005
6,90TL + KDV

A winged Elemental Hero who wheels through the sky and manipulates the wind. His signature move, Fea.....

Elemental HERO Bladedge
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN018
7,95TL + KDV

During battle between this attacking card and a Defense Position monster whose DEF is lower than the.....

Elemental HERO Bubbleman
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN017
65,10TL + KDV

If this is the only card in your hand, you can Special Summon it. When this card is Summoned, you ca.....

Elemental HERO Burstinatrix
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN006
24,90TL + KDV

A flame manipulator who is the only woman among the Elemental Heroes. Her Burstfire burns away villa.....

Elemental HERO Clayman
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN007
24,15TL + KDV

An Elemental Hero with a clay body built-to-last. He will preserve his Elemental Hero colleagues at .....

Elemental HERO Necroshade
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN000
73,05TL + KDV

While this card is in the Graveyard, one time only, you can Normal Summon 1 "Elemental Hero" monster.....

Elemental HERO Sparkman
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN008
26,10TL + KDV

An Elemental Hero and a warrior of light who proficiently wields many kinds of armaments. His Static.....

Elemental HERO Wildheart
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN019
13,35TL + KDV

This card is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards......

Exiled Force
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN011
5,10TL + KDV

You can Tribute this card to destroy 1 monster on the field......

Gemini Elf
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN002
6,75TL + KDV

Elf twins that alternate their attacks......

Giant Trunade
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN022
9,45TL + KDV

Return all Spell and Trap Cards on the field to their owner's hands......

Heavy Storm
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN024
16,80TL + KDV

Destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field......

Lightning Blade
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN023
5,85TL + KDV

Equip only to a Warrior-Type monster. It gains 800 ATK and all WATER monsters lose 500 ATK......

Lightning Vortex
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN029
21,00TL + KDV

Discard 1 card. Destroy all face-up monsters your opponent controls......

Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN012
4,95TL + KDV

You can change the battle position of this card once per turn, during your End Phase......

Lucky Iron Axe
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN032
5,25TL + KDV

The equipped monster gains 500 ATK. When this face-up card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard by.....

Magic Cylinder
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN040
21,00TL + KDV

Negate the attack of 1 of your opponent's monsters and inflict damage to your opponent equal to that.....

Magic Jammer
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN035
11,10TL + KDV

Discard 1 card. Negate the activation of a Spell Card and destroy it......

Mask of Darkness
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN010
6,90TL + KDV

FLIP: Select 1 Trap Card from your Graveyard. Add it to your hand......

Mataza the Zapper
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN013
7,35TL + KDV

This monster can attack twice during the same Battle Phase. Control of this card cannot switch......

Monster Reincarnation
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN028
6,75TL + KDV

Discard 1 card. Add 1 Monster Card from your Graveyard to your hand......

Necklace of Command
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN027
4,95TL + KDV

"When a monster you control that's equipped with this card is destroyed by battle, and this card is .....

Negate Attack
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN039
7,20TL + KDV

Activate only when an opponent's monster declares an attack. Negate the attack of that 1 monster and.....

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN014
5,85TL + KDV

If this card attacks a face-up Defense Position monster, destroy the monster with this card's effect.....

Poison Mummy
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN009
7,35TL + KDV

FLIP: Inflict 500 damage to your opponent......

R - Righteous Justice
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN031
4,95TL + KDV

Destroy Spell or Trap Cards equal to the number of face-up "Elemental Hero" cards you control......

Rush Recklessly
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN021
4,95TL + KDV

Target face-up monster gains 700 ATK until the end of this turn......

Sakuretsu Armor
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN036
9,90TL + KDV

Activate only when your opponent declares an attack. Destroy the attacking monster......

Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN016
4,95TL + KDV

If all monsters your opponent controls are in Defense Position, this card can attack your opponent d.....

Smashing Ground
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN026
6,60TL + KDV

Destroy the 1 face-up monster your opponent controls that has the highest DEF. (If it's a tie, you g.....

Sonic Duck
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN004
5,25TL + KDV

A duck which can walk at a sonic speed. Sometimes, he cannot deal with his incredible pace and loses.....

Trap Hole
Kart Kodu: YSDJ-EN034
5,40TL + KDV

Activate only when your opponent Normal Summons or Flip Summons a monster with 1000 or more ATK. Des.....

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