Cyber Soldier of Darkworld
Kart Kodu: TP1-028
97,50TL + KDV

A mechanical soldier that won't stop attacking until all of its life readings have been extinguished.....

Goddess with the Third Eye
Kart Kodu: TP1-013
88,65TL + KDV

You can substitute this card for any one Fusion-Material Monster. You cannot substitute for any othe.....

Kuwagata Alpha
Kart Kodu: TP1-030
75,60TL + KDV

A very vicious stag beetle that goes for the head......

Oscillo Hero
Kart Kodu: TP1-023
13,65TL + KDV

A strange warrior from another dimension......

Oscillo Hero #2
Kart Kodu: TP1-016
15,90TL + KDV

A creature that electrocutes opponents with bolts of lightning......

Shining Friendship
Kart Kodu: TP1-024
46,80TL + KDV

The peacemaker among monsters......

The Judgement Hand
Kart Kodu: TP1-026
44,70TL + KDV

An all-powerful hand that delivers ruthless attacks......

The Statue of Easter Island
Kart Kodu: TP1-019
48,90TL + KDV

A stone monument from Easter Island that launches laser blasts from its rock-hewn lips......

Wodan the Resident of the Forest
Kart Kodu: TP1-027
13,20TL + KDV

Increase this card's ATK by 100 for every Plant-Type monster that is face-up on the field......

Wow Warrior
Kart Kodu: TP1-021
44,55TL + KDV

A fish with arms….....

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