Crawling Dragon #2
Kart Kodu: TP2-027
41,70TL + KDV

A powerful dragon with teeth that can grind almost anything to dust......

Dharma Cannon
Kart Kodu: TP2-018
23,55TL + KDV

A monstrous creature whose body is lined with cannons that never miss their targets......

Faith Bird
Kart Kodu: TP2-021
7,05TL + KDV

This long-tailed bird blinds its enemies with mystical light......

Kart Kodu: TP2-026
62,25TL + KDV

An axe-swinging beast-warrior with the head of a dragon......

Queen of Autumn Leaves
Kart Kodu: TP2-024
76,80TL + KDV

"Queen of the Emerald Forest and wife of the Spirit King, she lives surrounded by vivid red leaves.".....

Sky Dragon
Kart Kodu: TP2-029
85,05TL + KDV

A flying dragon with four wings housing some very dangerous blades......

Soul of the Pure
Kart Kodu: TP2-015
47,70TL + KDV

Increases your Life Points by 800 points......

Spirit of the Books
Kart Kodu: TP2-020
44,70TL + KDV

"This wise spirit dwells in books, using its accumulated knowledge to defeat enemies.".....

Stuffed Animal
Kart Kodu: TP2-019
23,25TL + KDV

"It may look like a harmless stuffed animal, but its zipper mouth deals a deadly bite.".....

Kart Kodu: TP2-022
9,75TL + KDV

This bird is known far and wide as a harbinger of doom......

Kart Kodu: TP2-017
69,45TL + KDV

"A strange, one-eyed monster that can fell an enemy with a single stab of its spear.".....

Two-Headed King Rex
Kart Kodu: TP2-025
42,30TL + KDV

A powerful monster whose two heads attack as one......

Water Magician
Kart Kodu: TP2-030
17,55TL + KDV

This monster swamps an opponent with an almost endless supply of water......

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