4-Starred Ladybug of Doom
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN198
4,95TL + KDV

FLIP: Destroy all face-up Level 4 monsters on your opponent's side of the field......

Amazon Archer
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN233
4,95TL + KDV

Tribute 2 monsters on your side of the field to inflict 1200 points of damage to your opponent's Lif.....

Kart Kodu: DB1-EN008
5,55TL + KDV

"When this card is face-up on the field and control shifts to your opponent, inflict 2000 points of .....

Amphibian Beast
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN211
4,95TL + KDV

On land or in the sea, the speed of this monster is unmatchable......

Aqua Madoor
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN109
4,95TL + KDV

A wizard of the waters that conjures a liquid wall to crush any enemies that oppose him......

Armed Ninja
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN130
4,95TL + KDV

"FLIP: Select 1 Spell Card on the field and destroy it. If the selected card is Set, pick up and see.....

Armored Lizard
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN143
4,95TL + KDV

A lizard with a very tough hide and a vicious bite......

Armored Zombie
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN149
4,95TL + KDV

This warrior blindly swings a deadly blade with devastating force......

Attack and Receive
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN173
4,95TL + KDV

"You can only activate this card when you take damage to your Life Points. Inflict 700 points of dam.....

Axe of Despair
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN002
21,30TL + KDV

"A monster equipped with this card increases its ATK by 1000 points. When this card is sent from the.....

Backup Soldier
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN082
4,95TL + KDV

You can activate this card when there are 5 or more Monster Cards in your Graveyard. Select up to 3 .....

Banisher of the Light
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN044
9,15TL + KDV

"As long as this card remains face-up on the field, any card sent to the Graveyard is removed from p.....

Beaver Warrior
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN121
4,95TL + KDV

What this creature lacks in size it makes up for in defense when battling in the prairie......

Big Eye
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN152
4,95TL + KDV

"FLIP: See the 5 cards from the top of your Deck, arrange them in any order desired, and replace the.....

Black Pendant
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN003
4,95TL + KDV

"A monster equipped with this card increases its ATK by 500 points. When this card is sent from the .....

Blast Juggler
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN161
4,95TL + KDV

You can only activate this effect during your Standby Phase. Offer this face-up card as a Tribute to.....

Bombardment Beetle
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN197
4,95TL + KDV

"FLIP: Pick up and see 1 face-down Defense Position Monster Card on your opponent's side of the fiel.....

Bubonic Vermin
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN176
4,95TL + KDV

"FLIP: You can take 1 "Bubonic Vermin" card from your Deck and Special Summon it on the field in fac.....

Burning Land
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN177
4,95TL + KDV

Destroy all Field Spell Cards on the field. Inflict 500 points of damage to each player's Life Point.....

Buster Blader
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN095
85,95TL + KDV

Increase the ATK of this card by 500 points for each Dragon-Type monster on your opponent's side of .....

Call of the Haunted
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN076
36,15TL + KDV

"Select 1 monster from your Graveyard and Special Summon it in face-up Attack Position. When this ca.....

Card of Safe Return
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN232
6,60TL + KDV

"When a monster is Special Summoned to the field from your Graveyard, you can draw 1 card from your .....

Kart Kodu: DB1-EN083
11,10TL + KDV

Flip all face-down Defense Position monsters on the field face-up. Flip Effects are not activated at.....

Celtic Guardian
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN104
8,25TL + KDV

"An elf who learned to wield a sword, he baffles enemies with lightning-swift attacks.".....

Ceremonial Bell
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN055
4,95TL + KDV

"As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you and your opponent must show your respective .....

Chain Destruction
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN070
9,00TL + KDV

"You can activate this card when a monster with an ATK of 2000 or less is Normal Summoned, Flip Summ.....

Chain Energy
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN030
27,75TL + KDV

"Each player must pay 500 Life Points per card to Normal Summon, Special Summon, Set or activate car.....

Chorus of Sanctuary
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN022
4,95TL + KDV

Increase the DEF of all Defense Position monsters by 500 points......

Chosen One
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN217
5,10TL + KDV

"Select 1 Monster Card and 2 non-Monster Cards from your hand. Your opponent randomly selects 1 of t.....

Cocoon of Evolution
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN148
20,70TL + KDV

"You can equip this card from your hand as an Equip Spell Card to a face-up "Petit Moth" on the fiel.....

Kart Kodu: DB1-EN023
8,10TL + KDV

"Pay 1000 Life Points. Look at your opponent's hand, select 1 card among them and discard it to the .....

Cure Mermaid
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN237
7,05TL + KDV

"As long as this card remains face-up on your side of the field, increase your Life Points by 800 po.....

Curse of Dragon
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN123
8,85TL + KDV

A wicked dragon that taps into dark forces to execute a powerful attack......

Curse of the Masked Beast
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN219
4,95TL + KDV

"This card is used to Ritual Summon "The Masked Beast". You must also offer monsters whose total Lev.....

Cyber Jar
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN043
21,00TL + KDV

FLIP: Destroy all monsters on the field. Both players then pick up 5 cards from the top of their res.....

Dancing Fairy
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN236
8,40TL + KDV

As long as this card remains in face-up Defense Position on your side of the field, increase your Li.....

Dark Hole
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN113
46,80TL + KDV

Destroy all monsters on the field......

Dark King of the Abyss
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN108
4,95TL + KDV

It's said that this King of the Netherworld once had the power to rule over the dark......

Dark Magician
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN102
59,40TL + KDV

The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense......

Deepsea Warrior
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN193
4,95TL + KDV

"As long as "Umi" is face-up on the field, this card is unaffected by any Spell Cards.".....

Kart Kodu: DB1-EN183
4,95TL + KDV

Remove 1 monster on your side of the field from play until your next Standby Phase. The card still c.....

DNA Surgery
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN081
52,65TL + KDV

"When you activate this card, declare 1 Type of monster. As long as this card remains face-up on t.....

Dragon Capture Jar
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN111
9,00TL + KDV

"As long as this card remains face-up on the field, all face-up Dragon-Type monsters are changed to .....

Drill Bug
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN192
4,95TL + KDV

"When this card inflicts damage to your opponent's Life Points, you may take 1 "Parasite Paracide" c.....

Dust Tornado
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN075
11,85TL + KDV

Destroy 1 Spell or Trap Card on your opponent's side of the field. You can then Set 1 Spell or Trap .....

Earthbound Spirit
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN249
9,15TL + KDV

"A vengeful creature formed by the spirits of fallen warriors, it drags any who dare approach it int.....

Electric Snake
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN007
4,95TL + KDV

"When this card is discarded from your hand to the Graveyard by an effect of a card controlled by yo.....

Elegant Egotist
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN156
4,95TL + KDV

"You can only activate this card when there are 1 or more "Harpie Lady" on the field. Special Summon.....

Enchanted Javelin
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN077
9,60TL + KDV

Increase your Life Points by the ATK of 1 attacking monster......

Eternal Rest
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN036
4,95TL + KDV

Destroy all monsters equipped with Equip Cards......

Kart Kodu: DB1-EN170
85,05TL + KDV

"Both players show their hands to each other and select 1 card from each other's hand. Add the selec.....

Fairy Box
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN227
13,95TL + KDV

"Each time a monster on your opponent's side of the field attacks, toss a coin and call Heads or Tai.....

Fairy Meteor Crush
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN178
5,10TL + KDV

When a monster equipped with this card attacks with an ATK that is higher than the DEF of a Defense .....

Fairy's Hand Mirror
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN025
4,95TL + KDV

Switch the opponent's Spell Card effect that specifically designates 1 monster as a target to anothe.....

Fake Trap
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN164
4,95TL + KDV

"You can only activate this card when your opponent uses an effect of a Spell, Trap, or Effect Monst.....

Feral Imp
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN140
4,95TL + KDV

"A playful little fiend that lurks in the dark, waiting to attack an unwary enemy.".....

Final Destiny
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN020
4,95TL + KDV

Discard 5 cards from your hand. Destroy all cards on the field......

Fire Princess
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN234
7,65TL + KDV

Inflict 500 points of Direct Damage to your opponent's Life Points each time you increase your own L.....

Kart Kodu: DB1-EN117
4,95TL + KDV

Destroy 1 face-up monster with the lowest ATK on your opponent's side of the field......

Flame Manipulator
Kart Kodu: DB1-EN107
4,95TL + KDV

"This Spellcaster attacks enemies with fire-related spells such as "Sea of Flames" and "Wall of Fire.....

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